Who We Are


We at Sallinger consult&press take pride in quality, perfection and connecting on an emotional level. We are experts in our field and, because of our many years’ experience and our high standard of professionalism, the PR services we provide never fail to impress.

For more than 25 years, we have been working for clients who are active in the domestic and international fashion, beauty and lifestyle market. Always in tune with the times, we fashion a tailor-made concept for every customer, with creativity and attention to detail.

Every company has its own ‘soul’ and deserves to be catered for individually. Reflecting the unique character and ethos of our customers is our top priority.



We at Sallinger consult&press identify with our customers and project the message of each individual brand professionally and assuredly to the outside world.

With more brands than ever before competing for public attention, communicating their message requires expert support from PR professionals at all levels.

This support ranges from the customary classic PR initiatives to far-reaching strategies of media placement such as the planning, organisation and running of events and the establishment and active maintenance of social media channels.



By taking this holistic approach, we guarantee our customers a goal-oriented placement in the press and successful promotion of their brand image in the field of corporate PR.

We get people talking about your brand and, together with you, we work systematically to raise your profile for the long term.

Wir sorgen dafür, dass man über Ihre Marke spricht und bauen mit Ihnen zusammen die Bekanntheit Ihrer Brand systematisch und nachhaltig erfolgreich aus.

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